IBN SINA Industries plant biotechnology is one of the first companies in the Middle East and specialized since 1994 to prepare and mobilize tea, herbs and medicinal plants and develop a scientific and constitutional under the supervision of the technical department, composed of experts, specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy and scientific cooperation with the Centers for global research in line with the phenomenon back to nature The global trend towards natural herbal medicine

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Since its inception committed to Ibn Sina to be of the first companies in the world to develop tea, medicinal herbs, and always strive for the development of this industry for the better to make everything new and useful in the world of medicinal plants and herbs to ensure public health and a better life for man


Herbs and Plants Ibn Sina Medical effective, and safe, without chemical additives. Free of insect and microbial infections and the effects of pesticides, fertilizers and toxic metals. 100% natural origin of species of plants, contain the highest percentage of active substances, supportive and complementary


Biography of success: the human element is the most important asset, and the key to our success and our ongoing efforts of our strategy to be the best, Vtjaozna borders, languages ​​and cultures that are based on the universal character of human nature and we got to do so many countries.